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Snow Capped Mountains


... it was like being born again.


I know you told me not to call until after the second night, but I couldn't help myself.  I had to tell you what an amazing experience, sleeping in the Cocoon was.


Getting in the Cocoon the first night was a little bit odd.  I wasn't sure what to expect.  You told me to relax and not to fight the bag.  As soon as I did I was warm.  I didn't have to snuggle in or wrap up, I could relax in any position and I was warm.

It was the best nights sleep I have ever had.  When I awoke in the morning, it was like being born again.  I don't ever remember awakinging that refreshed.

I got up and started my morning routine, and as I thought about the comfort I had experienced I couldn't resist it; I went back and crawled back into the Cocoon.  It's now my favorite place in my home


 Trisha, Utah


It's like sleeping in a cloud

Dave T.,  Spring City Utah

I hated this new bag, and then ...


I  borrowed a couple of early prototype to test them out during our early spring trip to Yellowstone Park.  Space was limited so we didn't bring any other sleeping bags.

The first night I crawled into your bag I hated it.  I spent the first hour fighting it and trying to figure out how I was going to tell my good friend how much I hated this new bag.

Then I went to sleep.  That changed everything.

When I awoke, I was stretched out, relaxed, without any blankets wrapped around me, and warm.  I was so comfortable that I was actually shocked.  Then I stuck my head out of the bag and found that it was seriously cold outside, so I crawled back down inside the bag.

I figured out that, unlike any other sleeping bag I had ever used, I didn't have to snuggle in, and whrap myself up in the bag or blankets to be warm, I just had to pick a position, any position that was comfortable, and I was warm.

Keith R., Manti Utah

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