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Snow Capped Mountains

The Ultimate Survival Sleep Shelter System

Every aspect of the K3Core system is designed to transform the way you think about sleep, whether its from the comfort of your own home or outside in the rugged beauty of nature.


Whatever the condition, K3Core products are designed to:

  • Provide the ultimate sleeping experience

  • Dry you and your clothing while you sleep

  • Be easier to get into and out of than a sleeping bag

  • Keep you warm in sub-zero temperatures, even when wet

  • Weigh as little as 5 pounds

Our Team


Keith Chandler

Founder & Owner


Steven Aldridge



Hyrum Chandler

General Manager

Robert M Frost Profile.jpg

Robert Frost

Web Developer


Steve Wahlquist

Customer Relations



Product Manager


Laura Brokaw

Manufacturing &

Quality Control

Wild Nature

Our Story

Keith began this journey as a kid in the rural Uintah Basin region of Eastern Utah. Several of his earliest memories were camping up high in the mountains to the North where he and his cousins slept together in a giant makeshift bed made out of his grandma's quilts.

While it was fun to chat and watch the stars at night, some nights were too cold to fall asleep. After Keith had grown into a young teenager, his grandma taught him a way to fold two quilts together into a bedroll sleeping bag. It worked well, so well that Keith never found a sleeping bag that did better for many, many years.

In 2009, Keith met Jim Phillips and learned about a unique foam sleeping bag. The foam stayed warm even when wet and dried itself with regular use, but the designs for the bag itself retained a lot of design flaws from traditional sleeping bags.

Keith spent the next decade developing and personally testing his own sleeping bag prototypes using Jim's foam technology. The pursuit of creating the ultimate sleeping bag became an obsession. Starting in the early 2020's, Keith began inviting others to test out his sleeping bags too. They worked well, but were too complex.

At the beginning of 2023, Keith decided to reimagine his system from scratch, throwing out all of the issues related to traditional sleeping bag design while seeking to optimize the benefits of the unique foam technology.

The result, was the Cocoon.

The Cocoon's unique design makes it durable and easy to use, allowing a person to sleep comfortably in any position or orientation. The full-length opening utilizes magnets to minimize the risk of damage while providing a secure seal when closed. The materials are free of any cotton, down, holofil, wool, spandex, Gor-Tex™, or anything else that might compromise the effectiveness of the foam's special Moisture Vapor Transfer system.

Shortly thereafter, Keith founded K3Core and began recruiting others to help him bring his sleeping revolution to market. The K3Core team is constantly innovating new products and improvements to compliment the ultimate sleeping system.

Our Business
Giving back to our customers

Our business model is simple. With a sleeping system so unique that the market hasn't caught up with it yet, the best way for us to spread the word is through our customers.

We teach them why our technology is effective, we invite them to purchase our products and try them out, then we ask them to share their success stories with others.

Good sleep is good news, and good news is contagious!
Reach the Top
Exciting Surprise
As a thank you, we issue all of our customers a unique code. This code can then be shared with others to grant a 10% discount for their initial purchase at K3Core.

The discount amount is granted to whichever customer owns the unique code as a credit on their account with us which can be used toward any future K3Core purchases.

This credit cannot be redeemed for cash, but is fully transferrable to other K3Core customers. Credit can also be used toward purchasing eGift cards for use with K3Core.
If you are happy with our products, tell your friends!

If for some reason your are unhappy, please contact us so that we can correct the problem.

Thank you for your part in helping us share the ultimate sleeping system with others.
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