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Snow Capped Mountains

The Technology

The K3Core Foam

Our special K3Core Foam and the way it is manufactured and then utilized in our K3Core Cocoon System is remarkable.  Its history, science, laboratory-testing, military-testing, and field-testing takes Jim Phillips several hours to teach in his seminars.  Then there are several more hours of presentations to disclose the use, and misuse of this technology he has taught about over the last 40 years.  We couldn't even scratch the surface explaining the foam,
but if you are interested,
click on the Jim's Way Logo
where he has a lot of the information


By the way, our K3Core Cocoon is the only commercially produced
sleepsystem to receive Jim's
                    "JP Approved stamp"
of acceptance.


Lack of a Zipper or Buckle

Is the lack of something a technological breakthrough?  It is when it is the second greatest problem with a sleeping bag failing. (Obviously, the greatest problem is moisture.)

At last, we have a solution to the age-old, broken zipper problem. 

                  "Don't Use A Zipper" 

With the K3Core Cocoon system we utilize several unique solutions that seal with a hold that is nearly impossible to break in the primary direction and they pop open instantly in the other.  I'm just wondering why we didn't think of this sooner.

Moisture/Vapor Handling

Moisture -Vapor handling is the process and rate at which moisture escapes.  Because our K3Core Foam is "open cell" and our inner liner and outer shell are uncoated and fully breathable, any moisture trapped within our system has multiple ways or paths to find its way out.

In a standard Down or other Holofil-type sleeping bag, even a pint of trapped water affects the performance of the bag.  A normal adult individual sweats approximately a pint of moisture during an eight-hour sleep period. Much more if his head is inside the bag.  This equates to approximately a gallon of water, trapped inside the bag in just seven or eight days of use. 


In typical bags, trapped water must be dried out in a dryer or heated room which takes hours or days to fully dry.  Each day the system is compromised with more and more moisture, resulting in the system having less and less thermal insulation.  Within days a Down bag is reduced to little or no thermal insulative value.  In the wilderness there is no way to dry the bag, and it becomes totally useless.

Waterproof-Breathable?  Better check with Jim for the facts, but we all know from experience that it doesn't work, and traps moisture; just what a sleeping system CAN'T handle or overcome.  Waterproof-breathable has incredible marketing, and dismal performance.

Our K3Core Cocoon completely dries itself constantly during use.  Tested on a military cot, exposed , with no tent or other covering, during nights of rain, freezing-rain, snow, sleet, hail, and then back to rain, sometimes all in the same night and I stayed dry, warm and peaceful throughout the night.  The bag, while wet on the outside, was dry on the inside and ready for another night out in the exposed cold.

Nothing can compare with the performance of the K3Core Cocoon Survival Sleep Shelter System for wet, cold snowy, or just humid weather.

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