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Snow Capped Mountains



My friend Dave Tuttle had the best description, "It's like resting in a cloud." Unlike most other systems which require tucking in and rolling up, the K3Core Cocoon surrounds you with comfort and allows you to relax.

Ease of Use

With its revolutionary enclosure system, getting into and out of the K3Core Cocoon is as simple as it can get.  No crawling through small openings or fussing with zippers and buckles, it simply opens when you want it open and seals closed when you are ready for it to be closed.

Mummy Bag, only much better

Most people either love or hate mummy bags.  The K3Core Cocoon allows all the benefits of a functional mummy bag, with none of the grief.  Simply slide your head out and enjoy the stars or the crisp night air, then, when it gets to blustery, pull your head in like a turtle and enjoy the comfort of retaining all warmth of your breath, with no, moisture build-up.

Moisture/Vapor Handling

No panic if your clothes are wet or even if your K3Core Cocoon itself is wet, the unique moisture vapor handling technology automatically dries the user and the Cocoon itself during use.  The colder it is, the faster it dries.

The K3Core Cocoon is the only sleep system on the market that allows you to pull your head fully into a "sealed" Cocoon, and breathe freely, without any residual moisture buildup inside the bag.  It accomplishes this so well that even two people breathing inside the Cocoon cannot create enough moisture to collect inside the system.

Universal Opening

No more figuring out which end is up or down, they are both up, and they are both down.  Simply step or sit in the middle of the K3Core Cocoon, lay down, and let it wrap itself around you in comfort.

Two heads are better than one

Two people can comfortably utilize this Survival Sleep Shelter at the same time, even full-sized adults in an emergency.  Multiple smaller or younger individuals can comfortably use a single K3Core Cocoon at the same time on a regular basis.  Great for a growing family. 

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