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K3Core Cocoon

THE 21st Century Bedroll

At last, a giant step up from 19th century and even 20th century sleeping bags. The K3Core Cocoon is being recognized as a completely new standard in modern sleeping systems.

A sleep system that allows for maximum comfort, ease of use, handles moisture and virtually seals itself, and all at a price that is competitive with currently available sleeping bags with substantially fewer features.

The K3Core Cocoon: is entered virtually hands free, seals itself almost automatically, provides complete insulative protection even when wet, self-dries even when it gets wet, can dry a wet occupant while sleeping, is still fully breathable when sealed, expells all breath-moisture, no internal condensation, allows for full range of motion without constriction, can be used as an open bag, mummy bag, or sealed cocoon, allows multiple people to use a single unit simultainiously, has no head or foot, has no zipper, snaps, buckles, or velcro to fail, and can be exited by mearly sitting up or standing up.

Too good to be true? Get ready to be amazed...


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